Frequently Asked Questions :

What are the
available colors?

What are the available
heights for T-Posts?

Standard heights are 3’4″, 6’4″. 7’4″,
8’4″, 9’4″, 10’4″.


What is the bracing
pattern for multiple
Back & side bracing is required for
every second section.


How are back-to-back
sections attached?
Tie Clips (a formed hat-shaped clip)
are required every third to fourth section.


How many back panel
clips are needed for a
back panel?
6 back panel clips are required on a 6’4″ back panel. 10 back panel clips are required on 7’4″, 8’4″, 9’4″ and 10’4″ back panels.


How can I add a
second level of shelving
on top of an existing level?
Using mezzanine splice brackets you can add a second or third level of storage space. See the High Rise and Mezzanine web site sections for more information.


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