Metalware Shelving

Metalware’s Interlok No-Bolt design is based on three guiding principles:

Among the most rigid in the industry, Metalware shelving is produced in either 18 gauge or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel. Shelves are made with double bends or box style front and back edges, complete with closed corners. The uprights are made of 16 gauge hot-rolled steel and are pre-punched, roll-formed, welded and cut to length in a continuous operation. Now offering multiple hooking points including 1” adjustability and no interference.

Interlok No-Bolt steel shelves are designed for maximum strength and durability. A superior quality shelf has been obtained by combining these exclusive features:

Additionally, we can also provide perforated panels. Often use as pegboard with hooks, it’s a very usefull add-on to  maximize your space. Made of 18 gauge cold rolled steel, those panels are very sturdy and long lasting.  It can be installed easily on open or closed units.

Thoses panels can be customized with your logo.