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The Metalware Process

Our step-by-step questionnaire ensures we have all the information we need to assess the scope of the project your client requires. The more information you provide, the more accurately we’ll be able to assess the needs of your project.

We’ve provided this handy questionnaire to accompany you in identifying the best possible solution for your clients.

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What is the size of the area in which you would like shelving?
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Do specific areas need to be open for doorways, aisles, etc?

If yes, what is the aisle width/length requirement?

Are there any obstructions in the area? (i.e. columns, HVAC, sprinklers, etc.)

Are the floors level throughout the space?

If no, please indicate all variances:

Does a drawing of this space exist?

If yes, please attach.
A hand drawing can also be included to detail as much as possible:

Do you want to access the shelves from both sides of the unit?

Do you want a closed or open unit?