Storage Solutions for the E-commerce & 3PL sectors

Cost-effective shelving systems for the E-commerce, 3PL and retail distribution centers (B2B and B2C – pick-pack-ship)

Storage solutions for E-commerce, 3PL & retail distribution centers

The E-Commerce sector (B2B and B2C – pick-pack-ship) has experienced strong growth trends, and the recent pandemic has accelerated the need for shelving-based order picking storage as brick-and-mortar retail sales have slowed.  Metalware has evolved to support this new trend for cost-effective storage solutions.  Our Interlok and E-Series widespan shelving series can be configured and reconfigured to suit any warehouse or distribution center.  The right industrial shelving can be assembled into multi-level shelf-supported, deck-over mezzanines and high-bay structures, and combined with conveyor systems.  Solutions include:

  • Custom multi-level shelf-supported, deck-over mezzanines and high-bay structures
  • Open and closed shelving – Interlok (Boltless shelf)
  • Bulk storage – E-Series Widespan
  • Custom shelving storage solutions

Our satisfied clients include:

  • SAIL
  • Grafton
  • Altitude Sports
  • Riptide
  • Walmart
  • Wolseley
  • And many others