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Discover How Metalware Can Solve Your Storage & Inventory Problems

We can get your proposal within 48 hours. We can deliver your complete multi-level mezzanine solution including structural components like pivot gates, staircases, handrails and flooring all from the factory within 6 weeks.

“Metalware provided the best design, price, delivery and guarantee for my automotive parts and inventory project. Their multi-level shelf supported mezzanine solution was light years ahead of their competition.”

Paul Haggett, Systems Integrator
Rack Systems Inc.

“We have used Metalware boltless shelving for many years and are impressed with its durability and ease of use. We have reconfigured, deconstructed and reconstructed many times over and always they have remained sturdy and stable. Many of the accessories have proved useful also. I highly recommend this shelving.”

Andy Scheller, Maintenance Supervisor