Flexible & efficient heavy duty shelving for Order Picking Systems

Order Picking Shelving

  • Are most of your picks low volume “each” picks?
  • Are you out of space?
  • Is the pressure on to store more SKU’s in same space while increasing pick rates?
  • Are your customers expecting orders delivered faster than ever?

Metalware Industrial Metal Shelving Systems are dynamic high-density storage solutions that maximizes space utilization, helping warehouse and backroom operations improve order picking speed and accuracy for valuable time and cost savings. Products include:

Our metal shelving systems are ideal for these order picking applications:

  • Automotive parts
  • Ecommerce pick, pack and ship applications
  • Retail and backroom storage applications


20 Gauge Box Shelves

box shelf welded flange and lapped and locked corner
  • Welded box structure that yields a heavier load capacity
  • Double folded closed corners
  • Two-way locking principle at each corner

Shelf Clips

1" adjustable shelf clip or 2" adjustable pressure clip
  • 1-2” adjustability per shelf. Quick and easy installation


T post close up Interlok by Metalware
  • Roll formed and welded at 4” centers
  • Smooth non-perforated front face
  • Side perforations of both 1” and 2” centers for maximum adjustability

Open Unit

open starter bay of shelving with sway braces
  • Includes side & back braces connected to T-Posts with nuts and bolts

Back Panels

metal back panel for Interlok shelving
  • Close off a unit from the back using 24-gauge steel panels pre-punched to accommodate back panel clips
  • Perforated back panels are also available

End Panels

end panels for metal shelving
  • Close off a unit from the side using 24-gauge steel panels factory-welded to two T-Posts
  • Our factory welded end panels drastically reduce the installation time

Perforated End Panels

peg board panels for shelving
  • Perforated decorative end panels. Perforations are at 1” center, allowing hooks and other accessories to be supported. They can be customized using the end user Logo. Various sizes available

Perforated Back Panels

  • Replaces regular end panels.
  • Perforations are at 1″ centres, allowing hooks and other accessories to be supported.
  • They can be customized using the end user logo. Various size available.