Optimize Storage with Integrated Modular Drawer Systems

Fully compatible & adjustable with Interlok, E-Series Widespan, EZ-Rect Type 1, NAS 7000 & Rousseau shelving systems


Integrated Modular Drawers can be added to many different lines of industrial shelving to increase storage efficiency for nearly any type of business.  Help your client optimize and consolidate their small parts.  Drawers will make finding and reaching smaller-sized inventory faster and easier.  The best way to maximize cubic-foot use is with modular drawers.

Modular drawer can be used with METALWARE’s current and pre-existing Interlok and E-Series Widespan shelving systems.  Modular drawers are also compatible with: EZ-Rect Type 1, NAS 7000 and Rousseau shelves.

  • WHO: Businesses that need to consolidate small parts for better picking, and open boxes that better organization alongside loose tools (eg. automotive distribution and maintenance departments in an industrial setting, agriculture and small engines, etc.)
  • WHAT:  Small electrical / hydraulic parts, loose nuts and bolts, small fittings, various sizes of tools
  • WHERE:  Put drawers into closed shelving
  • WHEN:  In an existing project with closed shelving, an addition to an existing project or a new project that needs to optimize space


  • Increase worker productivity and pick rate by 25% or more
  • Make products easier to pick because of more organization and visibility
  • Reduce travel time since the floor space required can be reduced by up to 70%


  • Cleaner products and better inventory control
  • Easier to identify products and skus
  • Fast access to products
  • Gain efficiency by maximizing cubic utilization

Optimize your space with drawers, and go from this:

To this:


  • Condense space up to 66%
  • Replace shelves and bin boxes with drawers
  • 4 drawers 36” x 18” x 8” (32” of vertical space) = 36” x 12” x 76” with 28 bins

Condense small parts: