Strength, durability and cost-effectiveness


This versatile ‘No-Bolt’ industrial storage shelving system, produced in either 18 or 20 gauge cold-rolled steel, is designed to keep quality high and costs low by reducing nuts, bolts and other tools from the assembly process.

Its efficient design requires no additional floor space during assembly and allows for easy rearrangement without dismantling. Whether for commercial or industrial shelving storage purposes, industrial steel Boltless Shelving can help you better utilize your space.

Features – Interlok Storage Shelving

20 Gauge Box Shelves

  • Welded box structure that yields a heavier load capacity
  • Double folded closed corners
  • Two-way locking principle at each corner

Shelf Clips

  • 1” or 2” adjustability per shelf. Quick and easy installation


  • Roll formed and welded at 4” centers
  • Smooth non-perforated front face
  • Side perforations of both 1” and 2” centers for maximum adjustability

Open Unit

  • Includes side & back braces connected to T-Posts with nuts and bolts

Back Panels

  • Close off a unit from the back using 24-gauge steel panels pre-punched to accommodate back panel clips
  • Perforated back panels are also available

End Panels

  • Close off a unit from the side using 24-gauge steel panels factory-welded to two T-Posts
  • Our factory welded end panels drastically reduce the installation time

Perforated End Panels

  • Perforated decorative end panels. Perforations are at 1” center, allowing hooks and other accessories to be supported. They can be customized using the end user Logo. Various sizes available

Perforated Back Panels

  • Replaces regular end panels.
  • Perforations are at 1″ centres, allowing hooks and other accessories to be supported.
  • They can be customized using the end user logo. Various size available.

Components and Accessories

1. Shims

Elevate posts when flooring is not level

2. Base Plates

Close off the bottom of the unit to stop things from rolling under

3. Foot Plates

Anchor the shelving system onto the floor.

4. Shelf Boxes

Hold small items onto shelves. Various sizes available

5. Bin Fronts

Stop small items from falling off the front of the shelf. Various sizes available

6. Hanging Bars

Allow items to be suspended in the unit. Available in 36”, 42” and 48” widths

7. Sliding Dividers

Mobile dividers that attach to the bottom of the shelf. Maximal adjustability by sliding horizontally across the shelf. Available in 6” and 8” heights

8. Dividers

Create compartments on the shelf. Rolled front for a smooth edge. Attached with divider clips or flathead nuts and bolts. Available in the following sizes:
4” – 24” in Height
12” – 32” in Depth

9. Label Holders

Allow users to insert labels for easier identification of shelf contents

10. Swinging Doors

Close the front of a unit with a locking mechanism and flush handle. Sets are available in the following sizes:
36” x 3’4”, 6’4”, or 7’4”
48” x 3’4”, 6’4”, or 7’4”

Interlok Standard Size Chart

Capacity can be affected by unit configuration. Other dimensions available upon request.
Uniformly distributed load in lbs.
“X” – custom configuration, only available upon request.

30″ 36″ 42″ 48″
12” 600 800 650 550
15” 600 800 650 550
16” X X 650 X
18” 600 800 650 550
24” 600 800 650 450
30” X 650 450 350
32” X X 450 X
36″ X X X 350

Interlok Installations

Examples of various Interlok installations.

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