The sky’s the limit

About Multi-level Shelving Systems

Multi-level, or multi-tier storage shelving structures are comprised of either Metalware Interlok no-bolt shelving units, or Widespan shelving. Both offer significant upward expansion thanks to the possibility of being transformed into multi-tiered or high-rise systems, allowing our clients to maximize their storage capacities while minimizing costs linked to relocation or warehouse expansion.

In addition to providing multi-tiered or high-rise systems, Metalware also offers the possibility to create custom accessories to adapt to these systems, including but not limited to:

  • Staircases
  • Guardrails
  • Mezzanine Safety Gates
  • Flooring Options (bar grating, Resindek, Open Steel Planking, etc.)

Swing Gate


Interlok Multi-Tier System

Widespan Multi-Tier System

Multi-Tier/Custom Installations

Examples of various Multi-Tier/Custom installations.

E-Commerce Warehouse for Apparel Industry

Automotive Wholesale Distribution Centre

Automotive Wholesale Distribution Centre

Mobile Shelving System for Pharmaceutical Industry

E-Commerce Warehouse for Outdoor / Sportswear Business