State-of-the-art durability, flexibility and efficiency

About Widespan

Featuring the best weight capacity of the Metalware storage systems, the Widespan offers state-of-the-art durability, flexibility and efficiency for all your storage needs. It is a versatile solution, particularly well-suited to industries with a High Volume per SKU ratio (like e-commerce inventory, clothing or automotive parts). It is also ideal for the storage of company records, as well as many other utilities.

Its fully open system, accessible from all sides, offers a variety of shelf options for every need as well as easy expansion possibilities both in height or width.


20 Gauge Box Shelves

  • Welded box structure that yields a heavier load capacity
  • Double folded closed corners
  • Two-way locking principle at each corner

Shelf Clips

  • 1-2” adjustability per shelf. Quick and easy installation


  • Roll formed and welded at 4” centers
  • Smooth non-perforated front face
  • Side perforations of both 1” and 2” centers for maximum adjustability

Open Unit

  • Includes side & back braces connected to T-Posts with nuts and bolts

Back Panels

  • Close off a unit from the back using 24-gauge steel panels pre-punched to accommodate back panel clips
  • Perforated back panels are also available

End Panels

  • Close off a unit from the side using 24-gauge steel panels factory-welded to two T-Posts
  • Our factory welded end panels drastically reduce the installation time

Perforated End Panels

  • Perforated decorative end panels. Perforations are at 1” center, allowing hooks and other accessories to be supported. They can be customized using the end user Logo. Various sizes available

Perforated Back Panels

  • Replaces regular end panels.
  • Perforations are at 1″ centres, allowing hooks and other accessories to be supported.
  • They can be customized using the end user logo. Various size available.


1. Frame Connector

Connect posts from front to back

2. Post

12-gauge roll formed post with 2” slots for easy height adjustability

3. Foot Plates

Anchor the units to the floor

4. Beams

The main shelf support of the system. 2” profile beams made of 13-gauge steel and available in a variety of widths and weight capacities

5. Tie Bar

Avoid the buckling of longer beams. Placed between the two beams, they also increase the capacity of the shelf level

6. Wood, Steel or Wire Mesh Shelf Options

Widespan Shelving Size Chart

Capacity per pair of beams only.
Units are available in 12”, 15”, 16”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 32”, 36”, 42”& 48” deep.
* Triangular tie bars for 84” and 96” beams only

36” – 1TB 42” – 1TB 48” – 1TB 48” – 2TB 60” – 2TB
1500 1350 1100 1300 970


66” – 2TB 72” – 2TB 84” – 2TB 96” – 2TB 96” – 3TB
840 770 850 765 950

Widespan Installations

Examples of various Widespan installations.

E-Commerce Distribution Centre for Apparel Industry

Warehouse for Plumbing and Bathroom Accessories

Third Party Distribution Centre for Walmart